About Us

China Outsourcing Company is a consulting company with a focus on quality control and sourcing from Asia. The company was founded in 2004 by two partners and we have had good, solid growth since then.

Today we have 11 employees in our offices in Copenhagen and Xiamen.

Our success as a company is closely linked to our ability to create measurable value for our clients, and we have set ourselves the goal to be the best for quality control and sourcing in relation to China in particular, and Asia in general.

  • China Outsourcing Company must be able to provide customers with measurable and value-added service in relation to their activities in Asia.
  • China Outsourcing Company must offer and solve a wide range of services related to customers in Asia.
  • China Outsourcing Company must be close to customers in Denmark at all levels of the company – and its suppliers in Asia.

We achieve results for our clients through our own talents and through a wide network of highly qualified partners in Denmark as well as in Asia. It enables us to provide high quality in all aspects of quality control and sourcing.

Contact China Outsourcing Company on +45 60853500 or send an email to mic@chinaoutsourcing.dk