Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) takes up more and more time in boardrooms and today it is an integrated strategic tool in business communications to customers, suppliers, or future employees.

CSR is the name of business initiatives where the company takes into account all its stakeholder’s interests (typically the employees, the owner, the community, and the customers). The initiatives are characterized by the company assuming greater social responsibility than what is necessarily required by law.

One thing is to formulate a CSR strategy for the company – another thing is to implement it in real life. It is especially important in today’s reality, where many companies have suppliers from Asia.

As a natural extension of the work we already perform for a wide range of companies in the markets of Asia, the COC today offer to implement CSR assessments at suppliers across Asia. We have trained CSR auditors, whom, based in our offices in Denmark and China, work daily CSR assessment with subcontractors.

COC has been working with China for more than 10 years. We emphasize that any development in China must unavoidably be based on a Chinese reality and thus, the starting point for CSR in China differs from that of Denmark.

We have prepared a program that not only aims to audit suppliers, but equally focuses on guiding and educating the individual company to take even the first important step towards the goal. We can support suppliers towards a higher level of CSR compliance and with a constructive starting point for the ongoing auditing.

Naturally, the starting point for the CSR-related, demands something different in China than it does in Denmark. It makes no sense to impose the same requirements for a traditional Chinese supplier as a Danish supplier. However, that does not mean that you cannot initiate a CSR process with subcontractors in China. On the contrary, it is absolutely necessary, but you must also accept that implementation time is somewhat longer, and the work more extensive than if the work alone had taken place in Europe.